The Greatest Story Ever Told

There are in every age a set of writings which for whatever reason, men of that age pick them up and consume them, discuss and re-read. They become in time beloved tomes which we often call “classic” works. Such often take on a new form, demonstrate a previously untapped genre, or represent some great turning point in social shaping and revolution.  Certainly there are many such works which have been of value as cultural pieces, but there is one which surpasses them all. 

Of course, I’m talking about the Bible- more widely copied in antiquity than any other work, yet to be fair the Bible is not of itself a singular work, but rather a woven tapestry of many works – 66 to be precise.  It is the most cohesive story which touches every generation and speaks to every generation who ever has or ever will walk this earth.  It is the story of a people, and yet also a story of a person.  It defines the framework by which all the legal and moral norms in western civilizations have been based upon. Within its pages, man finds all the mysteries revealed which are truly important to our understanding and our living. It is our origin story – Genesis, as well as the explanation of why for so many struggles.  It explains the why for death – sin, and from that very first family and their tragic story, we find the earliest glimpse into the mystery of God revealed through this collection of writings – [Gen 3:15 NKJV] 15 And I will put enmity Between you and the

woman, And between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, And you shall bruise His heel.”

Many have been critical of this grand book, as a history book for a people (truly as it was being recorded it did serve that purpose among many) for it is a history of the nation of Israel – the people who were born from a single man whose original given name was Jacob.  A man who wrestled with God and who he should be (Gen 32), how he should live.

If there were no Bible what would we be? All of humankind searches for meaning and struggles with suffering, sadness, pain, and finally death, but as we contemplate such things and process our grief, we would be left with emptiness and despair. Because of the Bible, what it claims, and what it represents, we are not left with despair, but that despondency is replaced with hope.  Death is replaced with life.  Division of man and his creator is replaced with reconciliation.  If ever a book had a perfect plot, if ever there was a great build up and suspense in a literary work, it is here in contained within the pages of your Bible.

Yes, the Bible is the greatest story ever told, by way of many stories.  Stories which we can find enrichment from and stories that are so very instructive to us.  We would do well then to give it more time in our lives. To revere it as the revealed word from our Creator (2 Tim 3:16-17).  It is His message to us, and if we desire for life to be more than pain and suffering, we must recognize this life as dead and the here-after to be the life which we live for. In a world that struggles with social injustices and wherein people have caused divisions with one another because of wrongs or perceived wrongs, we have been given a way of reconciliation.  That grand book tells the story of a family which was estranged and

grew divided to the point that they couldn’t find a way back together.  Yet, in one individual, we find the way back together.  We find reconciliation from people who think of themselves as many families, to those who are made one family in Christ.  We can be part of that family- God’s family, His own people, His sons and daughters.

For all the epics ever conceived by men, the Bible is a jewel whose beauty surpasses all others, and it is the writing which truly contains meaning for each of our lives.

However, none of these themes, nor the redemptive work of God toward His people will matter to me, if I never pick up this book and take in its story.  I must hear the story told and contemplate it for it to shape me, mold me, make me to the person that I need to be. It is the ultimate self-help book for it tells me how to make use of all the blessings which God has provided.  He provided these blessings, by His Spirit He has revealed these things, through His own Son, the redeeming of a sin-sick race has been offered.  Through that Son, this work will be demonstrated as perfection when all is done away with.  He has told us how the story will end, and what we must do if we want our story to end in victory. 

God has provided for us the choice – victory and life or defeat and death.  So I ask you dear reader, what are you doing with the Bible?  Have you read the greatest story every told?  Has it changed your life? Has it changed who you are?  If you are applying the Bible, you will find that it has the power to change you, to shape your heart and to provide hope.  By faith which compels obedience, you may find such life.

We invite you to study this great story alongside us.